Tricks to Make Your Nails Longer

Would it not be excellent to have gleaming nail polish with attractive DND DC colors on your long nails? Then, you could be the center of attraction wherever you go. But, do all women get the luxury of long nails? However, the exciting aspect is that you can make your regular nails long with an intelligent choice of colors and designs. We shall explore such combinations in this article that could make you look as glamorous, if not more, than your sisters with naturally long nails.

Tips to Make Your Nails Longer than They Are

Trim Your Cuticles and Take Care of Them Properly

Women always complain of cuticles interfering with their manicures and creating unnecessary problems, chipping and lifting the nail polish. However, cuticles play a critical role in your nail development. So, you have to balance your cuticle and nail manicures to get the most optimal benefits.

The cuticle buildup near the nail base is perfectly normal. However, it makes your nails look short, even if they are standard length. An ideal solution would be to remove the buildup and instantly make your nails look longer. At this point, I advise you to approach a nail salon technician because you can do more damage than good to your beautiful nails if you try to cut the cuticles yourself.

Your nail salon technician will remove the buildup gently without causing any pain. Besides, pushing the protruding cuticles into their respective grooves is critical. A qualified nail salon technician uses a soft orange stick cuticle pusher to do the job. Finally, use a warm cloth to wipe the nail. Massage your cuticle area with cuticle oil and wait for a day before the manicure. You will enjoy the sight of your naturally long nails.

Create an Almond-shaped Design for Your Nails

Generally, women with comparatively short nails grow them much beyond their fingertips to make them look longer. You can add to the nail’s length by choosing an almond shape for your nail. The almond has a round and flat base tapering towards the ends, making it look unusually long. You can try the same with your nails.

Square nails can look short and stubby for women who already have short nails. So, going for an oval shape is the best possible solution to make your nails look longer. In addition, you can have the best DND DC gel polish to add to the attraction factor.

A Nude Finish Can Work Wonders on Your Nails

People love the nude DND DC colors because they match their skin colors perfectly. In addition, the lighter shades of the nudes are the best because they can make it challenging to find where your skin ends and nails start.

You can also go for a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone to give it a contrasting look. However, the closer the nail polish color is to your skin, the longer it looks.

Just as a nude pump makes your legs look long, the nude nails are the best for your manicure as they make them look elongated.

Use Contouring with Darker Hues to Make Your Nails Look Elongated

Generally, the lighter the shade, the longer the nail appears. However, you can complement its looks by contouring it with dark colors. You can try painting a linear design using dark gel nail polish colors to give your nails a linear look. However, you should ensure to leave some space on both sides. This design will give the appearance of longer nails.

A French Manicure Can Elongate Your Nails Considerably

The traditional French manicure with the white tip makes your nails look longer because they enhance the nail’s free edge. However, you should ensure not to use any color other than white to make the tip look longer. If you use darker hues, they can have the opposite effect and make your nails look shorter than they are.

Secondly, choose a contrasting darker shade for the base to make your tip look more prominent. Thus, your nails look artistically longer and add to your attraction factor.

Nail Art Designs Can Add to Your Nail’s Length

Nail art is an excellent way of making your short/regular nails look longer. Use your creativity to embellish the nail tip to give your mails the illusion of appearing long. The best feature about nail art is experimenting with whatever design you like with complete freedom. It makes your manicure look unique and stands out amongst the crowd.

Final Thoughts

While long nails are always desirable, you can try out beautiful designs and make your regular nails look longer than they are. However, you should also note that short nails also look cute. We shall leave the discussion of having appropriate DND DC colors for short nails to a different blog.