Everything You Should Know about Gelixir Gel Polish Colors

Gelixir is a rising company in the nail care and fashion industry. Gelixir gained popularity because of their famous soak-off polishes, also referred to as gel colors. The gelixir brand of soak-off polishes lasts longer and is rich, making it a top choice for gel manicure lovers. It is also loved by many because it is cheaper than other gel products.

Gelixir has since its establishment made a statement in the nail care and fashion industry, and this has gotten them a presence in over 100 countries around the world. Gelixir produces different nail care products ranging from polishes to lacquers and others. Numerous people around the globe appraise their products.

Gelixir polish colors are a standout when polishes are talked of, and this is because they use a formula that gives the nail a glossier look after the manicure than regular polishes. Women choose the best system for their manicures; Still, with the proper considerations, gel manicure is the best option because it uses an easy brush-on technique and gives a glossier finish.

To apply the gel manicure correctly is as important as doing the manicure itself because it is excruciating to do a manicure that peels off to earl, and gel manicure is known to always stay on the nails for as long as possible, except it is not applied correctly.

False assertions about Gelixir gel colors

There are some general opinions among the patrons of gel manicures that gel colors are not a good choice for a manicure because it leaves the nails messy after removal; this is not true in its entirety, gel colors would stain the nails after removal only when you do not follow the appropriate procedures for removing the gel manicure.

To remove a gelixir gel manicure only takes about ten minutes or less to do in the right way. When you do a gel manicure, it is best to contact a professional stylist to help you with the removal so that the reduction can be appropriately done and if you wish to clean it yourself, ensure you are using all the right products. 

Another misconception about gel colors is that it requires acetone to remove it and that acetone has some skin drying components. This opinion is not entirely valid because all polish removers including the non-gel polish removers have acetone. And for people that do not like the presence of acetone in the gel removers, other gel polish removers do not contain acetone.

Also, it is sort of a general opinion that gel polishes do not support nail arts. This is the complete opposite of reality because many customers have tried nail arts on gel manicures. The result is as splendid as it can be. Gelixir nail polish also makes it easier to use nail arts on gel polishes by manufacturing unique gel designs that support nail arts with their beautiful colors. The special gels use a particular technique called ‘flash curing’; the flash curing technique gives the precision of the nail arts on the same nails the customers want.

LED lights that are used to cure the gel colors that are harmful while UV lights are harmful. This is the reason why LED lights were invented to serve the purpose of UV lights without the adverse effects of UV lights.

Gelixir gel colors benefits

Gel colors are rising fast in the nail care industry and this is because of the advantages it possesses. Here are some gel color benefits:

It’s dry faster than regular polishes. It does not chip off and it maintains the freshness till you take it off.

Gel colors allow you to try different types of nail art, and sometimes the nail arts look better than on regular polishes depending on the stylist’s expertise.

Gel colors are still the best products in the nail care industry with the least amount of toxic components, making it close to a natural product.

Disadvantages of Gelixir gel colors

With the number of advantages gel colors have, it still has some disadvantages too. Here are some disadvantages of gel colors:

To apply gel colors, you need to buff your nails, and nail buffing can cause the nails to grow thinner the more you do gel manicures.

Also, you have to soak your nails in acetone for about 10 mins to remove the gel manicure,e and this can cause your nails to be dry.

Gel colors also sometimes cause nail breakage.

In some rare cases, some people have contracted infections when the procedures for applying the gel colors are not appropriately followed.

Another disadvantage is that if you want to go back to regular polishes, you would need to do without manicures for about six weeks, according to specialists.


Women always take a great deal in taking care of their nails because a bright manicure goes a long way in boosting their confidence level. Still, in the same light, the manicure has to be nothing less than perfect for making it last and serving the proper purposes.

According to the article, gel colors have various advantages and disadvantages, but Gelixir colors has ensured that they weigh more positively.