The Best Nail Gel Colors

What comes to your mind when you think about long-lasting, glossy, and shiny manicures? If gel color isn’t your number-one choice, then what is it? Suppose you are a fashionista and look at your nails as your ultimate fashion statement and an extension of your clothes. In that case, you might have already discovered that conventional nails – acrylic nails and lacquer nail polish doesn’t always create the best manicure results.

In contrast to the lacquer nail polish that is air-dried, the manicure with the nail gel color requires your nails to be cured with a UV light or a LED light. The LED light ensures that the gel color adheres to the nail canvas and that your manicure stays glossy, shiny, and long-lasting. With proper aftercare, your gel color manicure can last up to three or four weeks. In addition, the gel color manicure doesn’t cause brittle or chipped nails.

What makes Gel Nail Colors Unique?

If you don’t want to visit the nail salon, you can find amazing and affordable nail gel kits that include UV and LED lamps. The gel nail removal process is also smooth and not as complicated as other nail colors. The removal process is also less damaging to the nails, so many women prefer gel color manicures.

If you are looking for amazing DIY manicures, here are our picks for the best nail gel colors that will make your nails pop and stand out in the crowd. Before we proceed to our list of essentials, you must know that the gel colors come in various shades and hues, which ensure that your nails always stay glossy and trendy.

You can rest assured that you can have your DIY gel color manicure experience resembling that of a professional nail salon. Just don’t forget to apply a few drops of cuticle oil and a luxurious hand crème when you are done with your manicure. According to many reviews, the following nail gel colors have the best reviews and are the favorite for many.

Top Nail Gel Colors

Shally Hansen – Miracle Gel Nail Color

Let us start this review because this gel nail color has won a GH Beauty Award, which has raised the bars high for this gel nail color. If you don’t want to use UV light, this gel color will dry without UV light. The essential characteristics that make this nail color stand out are that it doesn’t cause chipped nails, dries quickly, and can last much longer than traditional nail polish.

Essy – Gel Couture

This line of gel colors comes in a wide variety of colors and hues. The Essy gel color is the favorite of many because it doesn’t require UV light to dry. If you are looking for a professional DIY manicure, this is your go-to-gel color. According to numerous reviews, this gel polish has been an ultimate game-changer. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to dry.

the wait is worth it – after the gel color has dried out, it looks glossy, shiny, and has a professional finish. If you like to change your manicure more than twice a week, this gel nail color is for you. The final results are amazing, and you can have an entire week of chip-free, polished, and glossy nails. All of the Essy gel colors are unique and amazing.

DIOR – Gel Shine & Long-Lasting Nail Color

This gel color might be a bit expensive, but if you are looking for luxurious, worthy, easy-to-apply gel nails, this gel color is for you. People love this gel color for its smooth application, which has been made possible with the thin and smoothly gliding brush. Many reviewers swear on the quality of this gel color – they say that this gel color has also improved the texture of their nails. The DIOR gel color is for you if you are looking for sturdy, shiny, and long-lasting nails.

GELISH – Soak Off Gel Nail Polish

The essential features that make this nail color stand out from the general gel colors are the long-lasting manicure, the glossiness of the nail colors, and the nails remain chip-free. However, this nail gel color does require an LED light – however, the payoff is worth all the efforts you will put into the entire manicure process. With good aftercare, you can make your manicure last for more than three weeks.


In contrast to the acrylic nails and the general lacquer nail polish, the gel colors are long-lasting, shiny, glossy, and allow you to make the ultimate fashion statement. Understandably, there are potential drawbacks to color gel manicures as well. For instance, UV light can damage your skin, which is why it is always recommended to ally SPF on your hands before curing your nails. Also, before curing your nails, make sure to remove the excess base gel, gel color, and the top coat from the area surrounding your nails.