10 SNS Nail Powder Colors to Make You a Fashion Statement in 2022

Nail powder has become trendy for its amazing benefits. It’s easier to apply, lasts longer, and looks amazing. There are so many color choices with this nail powder. If you don’t have time to look at the SNS color chart, you can still pick the best color for your nails by looking at the ten colors mentioned below – let’s dive in!

10 SNS Nail Powder Colors In 2022

The Majestic Black

The black color is the perfect one for dark-skinned ladies. However, if you have ever seen a fair-skinned lady wearing black nail paint, you’ll know how amazing it looks as a contrast. A common misconception about Black is that you can’t wear it if you are a working lady.

However, Black is a great option whether you work at an office or not. There are several shades of Black available in the market. You can pick the right shade of Black by looking at the available options.

Calming Beauty of Blue

If you look at the Urban Dictionary definition of wearing Blue nail paint, you’ll come across that it’s a signal of being with a partner. But you can rock Blue color even if you don’t want to show your relationship status. The blue color is famous for its charm and the lighter feelings it reflects. There are several shades of blue ranging from light to dark contrasts, so pick the one that suits you most.

Earthy Goodness of Brown

Nair polish shouldn’t always be screaming strong feelings. If you want to stay in a calming mood and spread positive energy, you can go with the Brown color. Brown looks amazing on fair-skinned women. However, it also looks good on dark-skinned women provided that it’s complemented with the perfect dressing.

Go Natural with Green

Red, white, black, and grey are the most recommended nail paint colors. Remember that these colors might make you look cool on yourself, but you will look like everyone else if you don’t switch up your nail paint color choices. Green is the perfect color if you are looking for a change. The earthy green shade is perfect for a workplace and looks amazing at parties.

Stay in Style with Gray

You have got it wrong if you think that Gray looks “Boring” on your nails. Gray is a timeless color that will look amazing on your nails throughout the year. The best thing about gray is that it fits both causal and formal standards. Gray can also reflect your mood better than any other color. Take a look at 20+ shades of gray color to pick the right shade for your specific style.

Orange – the Perfect Fit

If you are fair-skinned, Orange is one of the best colors for your nails. This color fits well with your skin and offers a great combo for your personality. Orange color accentuates your personality and shows that you are willing to take up new challenges in your life. The orange color goes well with funky dressing and fits perfectly in parties. However, you can style up with Orange at professional workspaces too.

Get Funky with Pink

Pink is one of the most amazing SNS dipping you can pick for your nails. If you dress up the right way with pink color, everyone will notice you at the party. The funky vibe associated with pink is matchless.

Another cool thing about Pink is that it comes in various shades. It’s not difficult to choose the right shade of Pink as no shade of this color can go wrong. Avoid wearing pink if you are a working lady is this color might not fit well in workspaces.

The Lavish Look of Purple

Purple is the Royal color that highlights your personality in a group of people. Nothing can go wrong with Purple as you can match this color with any clothes you want to rock. Dark-skinned ladies mostly love the purple color nail paint. However, you can style things up with Purple even if you have fair skin.

Get Noticed with Red

Red is the classic color when it comes to nail polish. Red is revered as one of the best colors because it shows your dominance and helps you highlight your looks. Matching Red with your attire is fairly easy. Bold colors go well with red nail paint, as wearing this color is all about showing who you are and which things you value the most.

Stand Out with Yellow

The Yellow color is not recommended for nail paint as much as other colors. However, Yellow has its unique appeal and also helps you stand out. Yellow can be a great alternative if you want to look funky but don’t want to go with Orange or Red.


The ten SNS colors mentioned above can help you choose the right nail powder for every occasion. Make sure you always follow the proven tips for applying nail powder to get the perfect look of your nails.