Exciting Nail Polish Hacks to Spruce Your DIY Manicure

Having a DIY nail manicure at home can be exciting, but it comes with its challenges galore. Applying gel paint with your non-dominant hand can always be tricky. You can find it frustrating to have the ideal manicure when you try to do it yourself. Visiting the nail salon can be tempting, but it is not advisable in these times of the pandemic.

We indeed get the opportunity to pamper ourselves at the salon. However, you can have the same enjoyment at home if you follow the tricks and tips discussed in this blog. These DIY hacks using DND nail polish colors can do wonders to your manicure and make you stand out from the crowd.

Clean your hands before you start the manicure

It pays to clean your hands of all the dirt and debris before you start the manicure. Your cuticles need special attention because they can often make the difference between an excellent nail job and a disastrous one. It is easy to push your cuticles back into their grooves gently.

It is advisable to apply lotion or cuticle oil on your hands before the manicure, especially on your cuticles and the areas where you do not want the polish to smudge. It helps to remove the polish effortlessly. Thus, you end up with a clean look after the nail manicure.

A shield around your cuticle can help

Petroleum jelly is a commonly-used ingredient in nail salons. It helps to protect the cuticle and the areas around the nail base. You can have the petroleum jelly as an outline before you apply the polish. After applying the polish to your nails, you will find it easy to remove any polish that could accidentally have slipped over the cuticles.

Dip your fingers in ice after the nail polish job

Before you begin your nail job, it is best to have a bowl filled with ice handy. On applying the nail polish, you can dip your fingertips inside the ice cubes carefully for a couple of minutes without touching the polish. The advantage is that the ice helps to harden the paint and allow it to dry quickly.

A quick dry tip worth trying out

Drying the nail polish takes as much time as applying it to your nails. If you are in a great hurry and do not have much time to dry your nail polish, this tip can prove handy. You can use a blow dryer at high temperatures and direct the hot air to the nail polish. The polish dries quickly and ensures against smudging.

Store your nail polish bottles correctly

Many people make the mistake of placing the nail polish bottles upside down or on their sides. It is not the ideal way to do so. As soon as you order your DND nail polish wholesale, you can line them upright and ensure that they do not topple over. It helps to keep the ingredients erect.

Before using nail polish, it is essential to shake the bottles well. It allows the nail polish ingredients to mix well. When closing the bottles after use, it is good to apply petroleum jelly on the nail polish tip. It helps to open the bottle easily the next time you decide to use it.

A white color base enhances your nail color job

Your nails have a natural tint. It can affect the final nail manicure. Therefore, it is better to have a white basecoat. It allows the nail polish to look the same as it appears on the nail polish bottle. However, if you are using an opaque shade, the white basecoat is not necessary.

Keep an extra nail polish bottle handy

You could damage your nail polish at the most inopportune moment. It can look ungainly. Hence, it is better to have a spare nail polish bottle of the same shade handy for emergency use. Alternatively, you should know where to find the replacement DND nail polish near me. It can prove helpful to arrange for a replacement at short notice.

Soaking the nail polish bottle in hot water makes it easy to loosen the stubborn lid

You can often find it challenging to open the nail polish bottle, especially if the polish has dried out a bit. Placing the bottle in a bowl of steaming water can help loosen the paint and make it convenient to open the bottle. However, you should ensure not to soak the bottle for extended periods. It can mess up the polish consistency.


These simple tricks can help you get the perfect nail manicure at home. You can get the best nail manicures with DND nail polish colors. They are available in an excellent spectrum allowing you to beautify your nails comfortably.