Learn How to Get Acrylic Dip Nails at Home

The COVID 19 pandemic has taught us many things, one of which is to have an excellent nail manicure at home. The lockdown restrictions do not allow you to go out of your homes. Besides, people have suffered from pay cuts. Therefore, having a manicure at home is an excellent way of saving money. Again, it offers you extreme pleasure to have your manicure at home. While different manicure procedures are available, acrylic dip nails have become people’s favorite.

So, let us learn how to get the best acrylic nails at home.

Get a Quality Acrylic Nail Kit – Better to Shop for Each Item Separately

It should not be an issue if you have done this procedure before. Otherwise, it is better to invest in a high-quality acrylic nail kit. You get good-quality kits online. Alternatively, you can shop for each item separately. It will save you money. However, you should purchase nail acrylic monomers containing EMA rather than MMA. Buying your nail kit items individually is better because you can select the ideal tips to compliment your natural nail shape.

Your nail kit should contain nail clippers, nail files, acrylic nail tips, nail tip glue, acrylic nail dehydrator, acrylic nail primer, acrylic liquid monomer, nails acrylic powder, acrylic brush, and plastic bowl.

Prep Your Nails Properly – the Most Crucial Aspect

The first activity is to remove your existing nail polish. If you have gel polish, ensure to soak them in acetone properly and remove all traces carefully. Wash your nails thoroughly using soap and water.

Next, you push the cuticles into their grooves. However, you should not soak your cuticles. It is better to use an orangewood cuticle pusher to push them gently. Next, use the nail clippers to trim your nails short. Having short nails is better because you attach the acrylic tips to them. If you have long nails, the natural nails could snap and cause the acrylic tip to snap as well.

The subsequent step is to buff your nails and rough up the surface to allow the nail extension tip to grip it properly.

Size Your Acrylic Nails

The nail acrylic kit has different kinds of acrylic tips. Depending on your nail size and the shape you desire, you can choose your nail tip accordingly. If you do not find appropriate measures, you can file them down to the extent and fit your nail.

If you notice the nail tip carefully, it will have an indent at approximately 2mm. The free edge of your fingernail should fit into this indent securely for a perfect acrylic dip manicure.

On selecting the appropriate acrylic tips, you can proceed with applying acrylic nail glue. Keep the bottom edge of the tip centered around one-third of the way down. It allows your nail tip to remain sturdy as your natural nails grow. Please press the tip for around ten seconds to ensure it sticks properly. Follow the same procedure for all your fingernails.

Shape Your Acrylic Tips According to Your Choice

You can freely use the nail clippers and file to shape your nail tip according to your choice. It is better to refer to a nail shape guide to know which style suits you the best. Run your fingers over the nail tip. If you find an uneven surface, you can buff it down to create an even surface.

Apply the Dehydrating Nail Primer

Once you are ready with your acrylic tip, you can sit down to prepare the acrylic liquid to apply to your nails. It would be best to keep windows open and airy because liquid acrylic emits strong fumes. Pour the liquid acrylic into a plastic dish.

Dehydrate your acrylic nails by removing all moisture. Next, paint your nails with the nail primer, starting from the bottom and going all the way to the acrylic tips. It helps to stick to your nails better.

Coat the Acrylic Dip Nails with the Mixture

Dip a clean brush into the bowl containing the monomer. It would help if you had sufficient monomer on the brush but did not over-saturate it. Next, dip the brush into the bottle containing acrylics powder and create a perfect acrylic bead. Now, apply it to your nail, starting from the cuticles and extending to the nail edge. You can use a paper towel to remove clumps and ensure a smooth finish. Repeat the process on each nail. Finally, finish off the manicure using a thin topcoat layer.

Let Your Acrylic Nails Dry

You can dry your acrylic nails under the fan. The process should take around ten minutes. Once they are dry, you can tap your fingernails to get a clicking sound. Finally, you can shape your nails depending on your requirement. Then, your acrylic dip nails are ready for display on your social media handles.